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01 Mar


I have agreed with the LAA that I can now operate as an affiliated angling club to be known as Stansted Angling.  This will start from 4th March 2016 or very soon after. I will keep you up to date on our facebook page. Tickets will be available over the counter in the shop. As an individual member, you are entitled to fish all venues at all times, seasons permitting. All lakes are open year round as are most of the canals.  There are some exceptions, such as the River Stort, which is still classified as a river. All rivers are closed for normal seasons. Check their website for details of certain rota-waters that have been booked for either Saturdays or Sundays throughout the year. Please check the LAA website for up to date information regarding rule changes and rota bookings. Night fishing is permitted on all their lakes except Stollers, which is day fishing only. There is a new 72-hour rule on Hemingford Grey, meaning you can stay in one swim for that period. However, by express permission of the bailiff exceptions can be made.

Here is a list of all the venues available through the LAA. For a more detailed list and information on each venue, please see the LAA website:

There you will find detailed information, photos, and exact routing details for every venue.

I have listed the rivers and canals first with basic information.  With the lakes (listed below Rivers & Canals) I have given more personal detail.

Rivers and Canals:

River Thames:


Cholsey Moulsford, postcode RG8 0JN, SAT NAV – SOUTH STOKE FERRY LANE

Gatehampton Farm, postcode RG8 9LY, SAT NAV – GORING GATEHAMPTON ROAD



Fishermans Brook

Aldermaston, postcode RG7 4LJ, SAT NAV FISHERMANS LANE

Grand Union Canal

Hunton Bridge to Apsley End

Apsley End to Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead to Bullsbegger Lane

Ballsbegger to Dudswell Lane

Dudswell to Tring (bridge 135)

Tring (bridge 135) to Hunton Bridge

River Lea

Rye House, postcode EN11 0EH, SAT NAV HODDESON RYE ROAD

Hertford, postcode SG13 7AB, SAT NAV MARSHGATE DRIVE

Kings Weir, postcode EN10 6HE, SAT NAV WORMLEY WHARF ROAD (Record Chub 2013)

River Stort

Spellbrook, Spellbrook Lane downstream, postcode CM22 7SE

Pole Hole, Eastwick, Postcode CM20 2RD

Suffolk Stour

Clare and Cavendish, postcode CO10 7QR, SAT NAV STORU STREET CROSSING MILL LANE



River Great Ouse

Willow Tree Island, postcode PE19 5RU

Brampton, postcode PE38 4PU

Portholme Meadow, postcode PE29 2AQ


Huntingdon, postcode PE29 3AU

West Meadow, postcode PE29 2LA

Bluntisham, postcode PE28 3LW

Barford Bridge Meadow, postcode MK33 3LF

Blunham Fishery, postcode MK44 3NS

Roxton C and D, postcode MK44 3EP – MK44 3EL

Littleport & Ten Mile Bank, postcode CB6 1EG

River Wissey

Wissington Fishery, postcode PE33 9QG

River Cam

Swarfham Prior, postcode CB5 0LQ

Upware, postcode CB7 5YH

River Teise

Mellham Farm, postcode ME18 6BZ

River Beult

Longford Meadow, postcode ME15 0RD (Includes Reed Court farm on opposite bank)

River Avon (Hampshire Avon) See website for details as this requires additional membership

The Britford Fishery section 1, 2, 3 & 4:

1 Harnham Bridge, postcode SP2 8AA

Bridge Farm, postcode SP5 4DY

Rectory Farm, postcode SP5 4DY

Old River, postcode SP5 4DY


Brampton Pit

brampton PIT2

River Lane, Brampton.

This is a 7-acre lake with average depths of 3 to 7 feet. There are many overhanging trees, reed beds, and lily pads. You will need to rake a swim, although clear spots can be located. There are some very elusive big Crap, huge Tench that are into double figures, and the occasional Bream to 7lb. This is a very quiet, tranquil venue. There is a lot of bird life, including nesting egrets and nightingales. It is hard water to fish but worth it as the rewards can be fantastic. I have had many great days here. My best 24-hour session resulted in 7 Tench, which included three doubles. The carp are often seen but hard to locate in one area. There are one or two very big fish. I have had Carp into the 20s, but there are much bigger fish present.

Glemsford 1, 2, & 3


Entrance to number 1 opposite Hobbs Lane. CO10 9AE.

Number 1 lake is a 9-acre lake that is very overgrown, with an average depth of 2 – 6 feet.  There are lots of lily pads, reed beds, islands, and overhanging trees. When you turn up here, you will think that it has never been fished and with that in mind carry a rake and cutters. This for me is the beauty of the place, and it is like your own personal lake. You are fenced in and so the only person you will see is another angler. The Carp range from low doubles to the mid twenties. In addition, many Bream to 8lb, although these are hard to locate. The place is teeming with Tench that are between 2lb and 9lb. If you walk around you will see them fizzing everywhere. Pick a spot, rake it and sit back. All species here go for fish meal, tutti-frutti, sweet corn and maggots.  There is a handle of wild carp to 5lb. You will know when you’ve hooked one.

Number 2 and 3 in Stour Street, Glemsford.

These are small lakes that are again overgrown with lotsof lily pads and canadian pond weed. I have not fished these too often. Number 2 holds many small tench.  To fish this you will need a rake. Number 3 holds some very big tench and often big carp are seen although rarely caught. Whenever I am in the area, I invariably end up on number 1, although I really must give the other two lakes ago.

Bures Lake


The entrance is via farm track on a left hand 45-degree bend just heading away from Bures town on Clickett Hill. The venue is totally fenced in by an otter fence. Please shut both gates.

As a venue, for me, this is for me, second only to Hemigford Grey. This 7-acre lake is full of huge lily pad beds, with many overhanging trees. You can drive your car to most swims, although, please park sensibly when doing so. A rowing boat is available for the use of anybody to clear swims, but please consider other anglers when doing so. This lake has a lot of history, which includes the capture of two tench to 7lb15oz and 8lb 4 oz by Len Head in 1982. The lake is alive with Tench and wherever you go, you will see them fizzing, often very close in. The venue is also teeming with rudd, roach, and perch and these can be caught using float methods. There are some very big, beautiful, ‘old English common carp up to the mid 20lb bracket along with a handful of mirror carp to the low 30lb bracket. This lake is always quiet and peaceful and the only people you will see are other anglers. It is not an easy place to fish, but it is worth working it out, as the rewards can be phenomenal. I have had good bags of Tench into double figures along with common carp to the mid twenty-pound bracket. I have had tench from here as early as February when they can be seen rolling in the evening. In the summer, this venue is very weedy, and you will need a rake. The Tench and Carp will come very close, so don’t be afraid to set up with raking distance. Overall, this venue is worth a bit of effort to understand it and get to know and understand the way the fish respond. Don’t be put off if at first you don’t succeed, you will work it out. Please feel free to ask me anything in the shop. I have no secrets, just years of hard work in understanding the place.

Hemingford Grey


A Hemingford Sunset


Hemingford Grey


Eyes peeled

Marsh Lane, Hemingford Grey PE28 9ER

This is my favorite place, and I have been fishing here since 1998. I could not do this place justice in this article, so please feel free to come and ask me anything. It is a 65-acre lake, which is split into two halves. One-half is wide, open, deep, and holds most of the HUGE Bream. I have no doubts this venue holds more than one record Bream. They are very hard to catch and often swim in shoals of 3-6 fish. Stealth is required when targeting this species, and you will need to fish at distance. Lots have tried and failed here, but they are there, in numbers. As I said, come and speak to me, and I will happily tell you all I know. The second half of the lake is weedy and between 4 and 7 feet deep. This is where you will find some of the huge Tench. This venue produced the record Tench in 1969, which was a fish of 9lb1oz. This should give you some idea how big they could be now. The carp swim wherever they want, and as a result, location is the key to your success. You need to spend time walking and watching.  As with the Tench and Bream, the Crap in here grow to ridiculous proportions but are so very difficult to catch. There are no silver fish in this place and as such, there is an abundance of natural food for them. The fish here live in a 5-star restaurant, so do not turn up and chuck a McDonald’s at them expecting to catch anything. Many anglers have fished this place with little or no success and if your read certain forums, you would be forgiven for thinking the place of devoid of fish. Those that know me well will have seen photo’s of some truly amazing fish.

Hemingford Grey

There is a new lake in Epping known as Stollers. I know little about this, although details can be found on the LAA website. What I do know is that it is a lake the is full of Carp and is ideal for catching lots of fish at a sensible price. It is included on your annual ticket.

The LAA offers amazing value for money and a whole season ticket is less than some day ticket prices.

I hope you find the information helpful, and again most of the opinions are meant as a guide only.  Go-Catch SteveD


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