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11 May


Some of you may know that I am a published author.  I realise that you are here to read about my angling exploits, and my novels may not be of interest to you.  However, when you’re stuck for a gift for someone close, perhaps this will tick the box.

The genre for my novels is perhaps best described as YA for Adults/Time Travel Fantasy.  If you have ever wondered if we may inherit memory along with eye colour, then these books will be right up your street.  Rather than me telling you how well received my books are – obviously I am biased – below I have added a couple of the latest reviews.

I might add that an angling diary/novel is on its final edit.


Here is a link for my other blog/author’s web-page:

Here is a link to my novels, which can be purchased via Amazon in ebook or paperback.

And finally, here are a couple of the latest reviews:

5 Stars

A magical staircase, mysterious time-shifts, and a possible murder – I loved this book!

‘Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase’ is a great read for teenagers, young adults, and anyone who still views the natural world through wondering eyes!
I love Rebecca! She has such a vibrant, inquisitive personality, sense of humour, & strength of character, but she’s also flawed & fallible, which makes her feel real. The story itself is great. The whole concept of the spiral staircase with its locked doors is awesome & works brilliantly. I’ve always thought there was something magical/mystical about spiral staircases anyway & the author has admirably captured both those qualities here.
Although this story works perfectly well as a standalone book, with a satisfying conclusion, I was delighted to discover Stephen M Davis has written a sequel – I can’t wait to discover more of Rebecca’s story.
I thoroughly recommend this book! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 🙂

5 Stars

A treasure-box of curiosity, time and history

This is a modern treasure-box of curiosity, time and history, all connected to an intrepid, young woman named Rebecca.

“Bex” is destined to seek the answer to the mystery surrounding the manor house she’s just moved into with her brother, mother and father. Her character was the most developed as, an artist, a dreamer and believers in magical, woodland creatures.

It is a classic mystery, written in the style of the original Nancy Drew series. I was delighted when it produced a surge of nostalgia for this wonderful, story-telling style.

A moody, crumbling manor house setting in the British countryside is one of my favorite places to visit in a story, while the ghostly mist on the lake enhanced my experience. Then meeting the troublesome brother Bex openly calls “Twit” made me laugh out loud, sibling rivalry- oh yes! So many other thoughtful details brought me closer to the main character with a light, but gothic touch of mystery and the unknown. I was unsure until the very end how Bex would handle the eerie and strange, events leading up to her incredible discovery of what was really happening.

I highly recommend this lovely story to readers of all ages, especially to those who have always wondered what it might be like to unlock an ancient door and realize there is far more to the mysteries of life, than any of us might possibly imagine.


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