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Alton 6 months on

I started fishing Alton Water regularly back in September, and I thought it was time I shared what I have learnt so far.  This article is purely based on my opinion and will hopefully be thought provoking. I’ve fished virtually every week for 24 or 48 hours, only breaking for Christmas (and a bad back – fully recovered haha). In that time, I have learnt a lot, seen some serious fish – in all species – struggled for a bite on occasions, and managed to snare a few along the way.


Entrance to Tennis Court Bay and a bite on the right hand rod haha

It is worth considering that I started in autumn (fall), and my opinion is based on fishing at the hardest time of the year. I have no doubts that things will change tremendously during the warmer months. Initially, I expect fish to start moving towards their breeding areas over the next couple of weeks, and then move again once spawning has finished. Similarly, as the water temperature goes up, areas seemingly devoid of fish will change markedly, especially shallow areas in and around the bays. The most noticeable change will see the tench activity increase greatly over the coming days and weeks.  I’ve already had a couple of small fish, and seen an increase in activity, with the revealing pin bubbles in the margins and their tell-tale dolphin role – something I love. In addition, the carp have started crashing out a little more, giving those who want to target this species a good starting point.  The bream have been the slowest, oddly, to start showing themselves, which is something that has surprised and frustrated me.  However, in the coming months, they will be capable of devouring as much bait as you can carry.

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