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Alton Tench – new species – new area


I have had more than my fair share of bream over the last few weeks, and decided on a change in tactics.  I had heard rumours – some solid and some not so – of some decent Tench being caught from Alton.  At best, the information was sketchy, although I had heard enough to focus some attention.  Having previously fished so often in deep open water for the Bream, my chance of seeing much in the way of Tench had been limited.  I was starting from scratch, something I prefer, not being a fan of preconceived ideas.

There was another reason for wanting to have a go at the tench, and that was to try out my new Kodex Specialist rods haha.  I had already switched over to their amazingly sharp hooks, and hook-length material a few weeks back.  I have been more than happy with both products, to the point where I am now actually recommending their gear in the shop.  Those of you, who know me, know I only ever recommend something I have used successfully.


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Alton Water – Suffolk

Alton Water


At the beginning of October (2016), I signed up to fish Alton Reservoir, all 340 acres of it. It caused a few intakes of breath I can tell you, and a lot of comments such as, good luck with that one, and where do ya start on a place like that. I’ve kind of got an ace up my sleeve, having fished all huge matches on this ‘inland sea’ during the 80’s.  As a result, I have fished most sections and although it was 30 odd years ago, I have a great starting point.


I have always preferred big waters and have fished many over the years. During my match days, I fished at the top level and I guess a venue like this replicates a different but oddly similar challenge. Back in the days of the big matches on Alton, certain sections always produced fish of a similar size and I was keen to find out if anything had changed. For example – using the old peg numbers – 1-21 generally produced bream in the 4-7lb bracket, as opposed to pegs 61-120 where the bream tended to be in the 2-3lb bracket. There were similar patterns all around the reservoir.  Interestingly, carp in the 3-6lb bracket often showed up during the matches.  To add to this, regularly the ‘Rabbits Wood’ area produced mirror carp, where as the tower section it tended to be common carp. Now there wasn’t a lot caught, maybe 2-3 per match, but a quite a few were lost. This was probably due to very light hook lengths (2lb) and small hook sizes (18-20) being used by the match anglers.

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