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Alton Bream Approach

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been asked a occasionally about my approach to Alton.  Most questions relate to tackling a venue this size and setting up for the bream.


When you visit a venue the size of Alton for the first time, it can be daunting.  At 340 acres, it can feel and look more like an inland sea. Realistically, this is purely because we are used to fishing lakes smaller than most of the bays, some of which are over 10 acres themselves.  The trick is finding an area you are comfortable with and then fishing just what’s in front of you. Before I go any further, I have found the bream – as you would expect – shoal up in open water. So avoid the bays as tempting as they look.  The entrances to the bigger bays are the only exception to this.

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Alton Game Changer

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fishing large pits and reservoirs, primarily for big bream, tench, and “unnamed” carp.  Like many venues that contain specimen fish in this category, they invariably hold a lot of small and mid-sized fish of the same species. The hard bit has always been sorting out the better-quality fish.  By putting in long hours, and trying numerous baits and methods, I’ve developed a few tricks.  There have been some frustratingly difficult times along the way, but anyone who knows me, knows I like a challenge.  Besides, I have found that the harder the venue, the more you’ll learn.


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