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Free fishing in and around Stansted – Dunmow – Bishops Stortford – Braintree – Epping

Ideal for youngsters starting out

With the help of our many friendly anglers on the Stansted Angling Forum, we have put together a list of ponds and some nice stretches of River. All of these – at time of going to press haha – are free to fish. Our beloved sport of angling is ideal for youngsters, teaching them so many lessons for life. They quickly understand and appreciate wildlife, their impact upon the environment, positive and negative, and importantly the need to be quite haha.

Here are a couple of notes to all those planning to fish any of these waters, or parents who would like to take their children fishing.  If you are aged 12 or over, you will need an environment agency license. For over 12 up to 16-years-old annual permits can be purchased for £5 from any post office or online through the post office.  It is the law to have a license to fish anywhere in the UK. Importantly, please take all your litter home with you, because if you don’t these free waters will be closed for good.  Always use an unhooking mat for any fish over 1lb and please always take a good quality disgorger. Always treat the fish with the highest level of care.

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