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Hemingford – the highs and lows

Over the years, I’ve had more than my share of lows fishing Hemingford, but by a long way, the highs compensate for and overshadow the fishless days.


I guess, for me, one of the biggest attractions of fishing Hemingford Grey – Marsh Lane Pit- is the unknown aspect of the place. At 65 acres, it is a big venue by any standards. However, with so much of it unfishable – especially in the part “affectionately” known as “Jurassic Park” – only adds to, and compounds the mystery surrounding the lake.  Gravel works first started in the late 40s to build the A14, although its history goes back much further. The south half of the lake is in fact 11 sunken ponds that go back generations. As you drive around the backtrack, you will see on the other side of the stream one of the remaining ponds, which looks like Tench heaven. Interestingly, and this will raise a few eyebrows, there are 3 clearly different strains of Tench present and this is without a doubt due to the ponds being flooded into one large pit.  The same can be said of the carp, especially the mirrors, where occasionally you will land a resident mirror with double pecks, often both sides, but sometimes on one side. Stocking of carp first started in the early-60s and has continued since, although I have it on good authority that Carp were put in soon after the gravel works commenced. This, I understand was common practice, especially by big gravel companies such as La-Tharge’.

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