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Tinka’s love SSP baits


This week, it was an easy decision returning to the old Estate Lake on the Essex/ Suffolk border. I must say, I love the challenge of this water and am enjoying my fishing more than I have for a long time. Although, I’ve had an increasing level of success each time, I walk away feeling I could and should have done better.

This time my bait choice was based largely around my previous sessions, although my focus this time was more towards the resident Tench. I arrived around 4am, armed with 4 pints of freshly cooked hemp, 2 pints of fresh-flaked maize, 2 kilos of 6mm gravel pellets, 1 kilo of 12mm crushed and halved gravel boilies, plus 1 kilo of silt ground bait serving as a loose binder.  I also added to my mix some Good-Hemp’ milk available from Tesco’s.  My choice for hook baits was whole maize, pre-soaked 12mm pop-ups and 12mm boilies. All my bait, excluding the hemp and maize was from the SSP Baits range. My chosen area was around 40 yards out, close to a dense, large lily bed, and in a channel running near to a semi-submerged island. I baited with 20 big spods.

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