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Winter Feeding Tactics Carp – Bream


a stunning English winters sunset

I will try to cover this off with carp and bream being different entities.¬† That said I have found this time of the year, that if you get the bream in front of you, you’re likely to find the carp not too far away. Obviously, not every venue has bream, and certainly not in sufficient numbers for the carp to swim with them. I say this because, I have found, especially of waters that have a large pike, often the carp swim close to the bream as a kind of safety mechanism. For sure, it is unlikely that there is any pike big enough to trouble a decent-sized carp. ¬†However, the carp were not always of a good size and grew up being frightened of pike. ¬†Therefore, they have this fear in the psyche.

This, I must say, is just a theory and not based on anything other than my own experiences. Often, when fishing venues for big bream I invariably catch carp, much to the dismay of the resident carp specialists.

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