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Winter Rig Board

Those of you that know me will know the winter is my favourite time of the year. Over the years, the vast majority of my biggest Carp and Bream have come during the colder months.  The water, in most cases, is at its clearest, and as a result, stealth becomes an even more important factor. For sure, there is less fish activity and the location is a vital aspect at this time of the year. I have talked before about fishing during the colder months, but in essence; avoid areas that are continually hit by the cold North, NE, NW winds.


I have no doubts you all have your own go-to rigs, and I am not suggesting you change your set-ups. The whole idea of this article is to get you, and me, thinking, perhaps differently, or maybe a little left field, either way, sharing our ideas.  Just writing this makes me think of new concepts and ideas. I believe it is too easy to take things for granted. For sure the cliché’ “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is on the money. However, if you are anyway like me, you’ll always be looking for a way of improving things. I am a firm believer, especially on big waters, that we don’t even scratch the surface or come close to catching what’s in front of us. You often hear someone say, so-n-so fish was caught last week, having not been seen for two years… and that’s on a small water.  My point is that I firmly believe we can always improve things. It is nice to have the latest rods, reels, and bite indication, but if the last few inches are wrong, the new gear is pointless.

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