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Keep control of your feed and the fish in your swim

Keep it tight and your results will go through the roof


Winter sun

For many years, we’ve used ground-bait to attract fish. When I say ground-bait, I mean quite literally an area of bait to attract the fish, be it particle, a kilo of boilies, crushed or otherwise, breadcrumb in all its variants and so on. The list is endless. Whichever you choose, there are some things to think about when baiting an area. This is even more prevalent in the colder months, when fish are less likely to go bombing from one end of the lake to the other.

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Get your timing right this winter and catch more

For the Carp and big Bream winter angler.

A couple of weeks ago, I was once again fishing Hemingford Grey. A local guy was sitting having a coffee with me.  At 6:00pm, I looked at the time and said “nearly time for the first bite of the evening, I am going to recast with fresh bait and a fresh PVA bag.” At 6:25, my indicator slammed to the top producing the first carp of the session. The guys reaction was interesting to the point where he seemed rather put out. When I asked him about this, his response was “how could you have known that!”  It is worth remembering that this venue is notoriously difficult and bites, let alone fish are at a premium, so I kinda get his reaction. However…


Winter colours

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Plan your winter Carp campaign now and reap the rewards.

Plan your winter Carp campaign now and reap the rewards.

If you’re like me, you’ll still be enjoying the last ounces this late summer has to offer.  However, as sad as it is to talk about sub-zero temperatures, if you want to carry on catching during the Autumn and on into the Winter, then you’d best start planning now. With the winds consistently blowing from the north or east, the fish will be on the move, heading towards deeper, wind free areas of your chosen venue.  The more effort you put in now, the better your catch rate will be when the frosts do start to bite.


Autumn Mirror

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Bait; the ins, outs and wherefores


In this section I am going to start with boilies.  There are three main types of boilies. The first, I am going to look at are those of high food value aimed at big carp, big bream and big tench. The second type are the instant attraction bolies, which is general have a lower food value, but make up for it with bright colours, and intense flavours. The relatively new kiddies on the block are those, like the crafty catcher ones, which are a mix of both. I particularly like their colour combinations.

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Getting fish into your swim

Getting fish into your swim

Hemingford Grey

Ground-baits – Spod mixes – Particle mixes

I’ve decided to spilt feed-baits and hook-baits into two separate features due to the vast choices available. However, as I work my way through, I will suggest hook-baits that work well with certain feed-baits and so on.

In this section, I will look at items individually such as hemp, maize, bread-crumb, fish-meals, pellets, and  then take a closer look at combining these together to produce the ultimate attractors.

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A Porsche key ring won’t catch you fish…

This is a long read and as the first of 3 new articles, I hope you find it worth while…


This is just my view and a few tactics that

have helped me catch some great fish. I hope in some small way it helps you.

In the fishing shop, I am often asked about the rigs I use, and importantly why I use them. I spend half the day drawing rigs and set-ups and thought it was about time I put something together.  So here goes…  on my earlier “rig board,” I showed a few examples, with limited information.  In this section, I will take a comprehensive look at my ‘go-to’ rigs. I will explain why I use them, the way they affect my fishing, how they help to show more bite indications and ultimately, catch more fish.

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