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Carp – A change of mind

Many DVDs, books, articles, and individuals will have you believe there is only one way to fish for carp.  That concept runs from the rods you use, through to the way you bait up for them.  This often includes ludicrously expensive rods, and shed-loads of boilies.  Now, I am not saying they are wrong, far from it, if it works for you, then happy days.  However, I would suggest there is no go-to rig, method, rod, or baiting campaign that works best for any species.  I want to offer up an alternative way of thinking.


One thing I do know is that on any venue, the fish really don’t care how much you paid for your gear.  Before we had the all singing carbon rods, we were using fibre-glass, cane, split cane and so on.  We still caught big fish.  Izaak Walton wrote 350-years-ago of catching 50lb Italian Commons.  He was using bread-paste mixed with latex and honey and spending days and nights in their pursuit.  We are just reshaping the wheel.

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A return to Hemingford

Having had more than my fair share of fish at Alton, I decided upon a trip back to my beloved Hemingford Grey.


I arrived in the carp park swim at around 4pm on Sunday, ready for a 48-hour session.  I had heard there had been more than the average amount of people fishing it, so checked with Chris the bailiff to see if my fancied swim was free – and it was, which was a surprise considering it was a bank holiday.

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Getting fish into your swim

Getting fish into your swim

Hemingford Grey

Ground-baits – Spod mixes – Particle mixes

I’ve decided to spilt feed-baits and hook-baits into two separate features due to the vast choices available. However, as I work my way through, I will suggest hook-baits that work well with certain feed-baits and so on.

In this section, I will look at items individually such as hemp, maize, bread-crumb, fish-meals, pellets, and  then take a closer look at combining these together to produce the ultimate attractors.

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Early Tench Attack

26th February 2015


A couple of very early spring fish, February 2014

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