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Getting fish into your swim

Getting fish into your swim

Hemingford Grey

Ground-baits – Spod mixes – Particle mixes

I’ve decided to spilt feed-baits and hook-baits into two separate features due to the vast choices available. However, as I work my way through, I will suggest hook-baits that work well with certain feed-baits and so on.

In this section, I will look at items individually such as hemp, maize, bread-crumb, fish-meals, pellets, and  then take a closer look at combining these together to produce the ultimate attractors.

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A Porsche key ring won’t catch you fish…

This is a long read and as the first of 3 new articles, I hope you find it worth while…


This is just my view and a few tactics that

have helped me catch some great fish. I hope in some small way it helps you.

In the fishing shop, I am often asked about the rigs I use, and importantly why I use them. I spend half the day drawing rigs and set-ups and thought it was about time I put something together.  So here goes…  on my earlier “rig board,” I showed a few examples, with limited information.  In this section, I will take a comprehensive look at my ‘go-to’ rigs. I will explain why I use them, the way they affect my fishing, how they help to show more bite indications and ultimately, catch more fish.

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Early Tench Attack

26th February 2015


A couple of very early spring fish, February 2014

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